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Apexel Enhanced 60X Telephoto Lens — Your Ultimate Telephoto Tool

At Apexel, your vision is our driving force. Apexel Team has listened to your feedback, honed the details, and proudly presents the upgraded 60X Phone Lens Kit, designed to push the boundaries of your mobile photography adventures.
Imagine capturing stunning shots of the moon's craters, observing elusive wildlife in its natural habitat, Fishing,and seizing the electric atmosphere of live concerts – all with a single lens. 

🔍 Unveiling the Upgrades

Our commitment to your photographic aspirations led us to refine every facet of the 60X Phone Lens Kit. Let's delve into the enhancements that set this kit apart:

Fishing with Apexel upgraded phone 60X telephoto lens

1. The Pinnacle of Stability: Reinvented Tripod

We've equipped this kit with a professional-grade aluminum alloy tripod. Adjust its height from 47 to 137cm across three sections, ensuring the perfect angle for your shots.

Despite its remarkable stability, the tripod weighs a mere 600g and can effortlessly bear a load of up to 3kg. Its 1/4-inch screw thread compatibility guarantees seamless pairing with various devices, from projectors and DSLRs to cameras, ring lights, microcamera, and even GoPros.

Universal phone clips are available for almost every brand of mobile phone on the market

2. Enhanced Universal Phone Clip

Embrace boundless versatility with our upgraded universal phone clip., extending its reach with innovative telescopic arms and lens rails. With 17mm threaded holes, a cold shoe mount, and a 1/4-inch universal port, your creative options expand exponentially.

Supporting phone widths from 66mm to 95mm, it accommodates the latest smartphones across all major brands – from iPhones and Samsungs to Huaweis, Google Pixels, and Xiaomis.


3. Enhanced Lens Fixture: Durability Meets Creativity 

Retaining Ring Enhanced Metal Thickened, Scratch-Resistant Design Takes Lens Protection to the Next Level, it's built to endure.

Now featuring an added cold shoe mount, it's your canvas for night fishing flashlights, recording devices, and more.


📸 Unveiling the 60X Smartphone Telephoto Lens

 The lens itself is a masterpiece of engineering, featuring:

Sturdy Alloy Construction with Anti-Oxidation Coating Lens

1. Sturdy Alloy Construction with Anti-Oxidation Coating

Durability meets elegance with the anti-oxidation coated alloy body.

Multi-Layer Broadband Coating on Six 4K-Grade Optical Glass Elements

2. Multi-Layer Broadband Coating on Six 4K-Grade Optical Glass Elements

Experience unparalleled clarity and richness in every shot.

60X High-Definition Magnification

3. 60X High-Definition Magnification

Get up close and personal with subjects, revealing intricate details invisible to the naked eye.

50mm Wide Aperture

4. 50mm Wide Aperture

Master low-light conditions and achieve beautiful bokeh effects.


5. 5m to Infinity Focusing Range

Capture subjects in sharp focus, whether they're right in front of you or a world away.

6. Explore diverse photography genres with confidence.Perfect for Moon Photography, Wildlife Observation, Concerts, and Portraits

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