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Are you passionate about outdoor sports and creative content? Do you have a knack for photography or editing? Apexel is looking for dedicated individuals to join our remote team!

Why Work at Apexel?

At Apexel, we believe in the power of passion and hard work. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, if you're eager to learn and grow, we want you on our team. All positions are 100% remote, allowing you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

Join a Team of Enthusiasts
When you join Apexel, you're joining a team of outdoor sports enthusiasts, filmmakers, photographers, and optical engineers who are passionate about empowering creators. You'll be working with a fun and talented team that will inspire you to create your best work.

Current Openings

  1. Photographers
    Capture the beauty of the great outdoors and the thrill of adventure. We're looking for individuals who can tell compelling visual stories through their lenses. If you have a good aesthetic sense and are active on social media, this is the perfect role for you.
  2. Editors
    Transform raw footage into captivating content that engages and inspires. We need editors who can bring creativity and precision to their work, with a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of storytelling.

What We Offer

We keep simple.

  1. Remote Work: Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere.
  2. Flexible Hours: Manage your own schedule and work at your own pace.
  3. Competitive Compensation: Receive a competitive salary with quarterly reviews and performance-based bonuses.
  4. Free Apexel Gear: Equip yourself with top-notch Apexel gear for free, and purchase other items at cost.
  5. Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy year-round exclusive discounts at on our lenses, bags, and more.
  6. Passion-Driven Roles: If you love gear, learning, and working hard, we can teach you everything you need to know.
  7. Collaborative Team: Join a community of like-minded enthusiasts who support and inspire each other.
  8. Inspirational Environment: Work with a team of outdoor sports enthusiasts, filmmakers, photographers, and optical engineers passionate about empowering creators.

What We’re Looking For

Time Management Skills: Ability to effectively manage your own time and meet deadlines.

Aesthetic Sense: A good eye for design and composition.

Active Social Media Presence: Engage with our community and share your passion for outdoor sports and creativity.

How to Apply

Ready to join our team? Ready to join our team? Send your resume, portfolio, and a brief cover letter to, or fill out the form below.

Tell us why you’re passionate about outdoor sports and creative content. We can’t wait to see what you can bring to Apexel!