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Apexel Review Club

Apexel review club is a program for member login who love reviewing products and sharing their discoveries in creative and engaging ways. Participants get free product samples to test and share their feedback in the community,on social media, and other online spaces. 

Ongoing Activities

Apexel 2023 New FL20 10-inch Foldable Desk Mount Stand with Ring Light Kit

1. 10-inch 2700~5500K dual-color temperature LED ring light, 10-level brightness adjustment, three-level color temperature adjustment.
2. The whole body of the bracket is made of aluminum alloy, and the square pipe with a width of 2.5cm is beautiful and stable.
3.35cm, 25cm 2-section bracket, total height 60cm, three-stage adjustable cantilever, to meet the height requirements of various scenes.
4. Locking structure, bearing 1.5KG.
5.6.5cm table clip, can meet a variety of different size scenes, tables, tableware, wall cabinets, etc.
6.1/4 screw and cold shoe base interface, which can fix mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc.

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