4K HD Professional 5 in 1 Lens Kit(Macro/Telephoto/Wide/Super Wide/Fisheye)


Style: HB5
Select a Device(All phones not listed are compatible, please select Other Phone): Other Phone
Accessories: None
Sale price$55.99


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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Lee
Disappointed with the product and services

The 5 in 1 lens requires a lot of fiddling to fit onto cell phone properly. They are bulking and difficult to use.
I requested to return the product and ask for a prepaid shipping label. It took me multiple times in three weeks to get a unsatisfied answer. Basically, the return shipment costs is more than the products price! Make sure you will like it before order it!

Zhi Too
Quite worth the money

The quality of the lenses are good. There is sufficient protection for the lens, both front and back cover. They're easy to put on and remove, but easy to lose them. I suggest having a connected front and back cover. The lens do provide good picture. One complaint I have is that the glare is very obvious.

Mobile Lens Kit

I really enjoyed this small mobile lens kit. I am new to taking pictures and this is a really good advancement if your looking to get into higher quality pictures and videos!

Antonio Felipe Camilo de Araujo
I love it

Perfect lens

5 in 1 4K Lens Kit

I love this kit. Material and craftsmanship quality is very high. The lenses feel solid and heavy, which is a good indication of quality compared to the other flimsy cheap ones other companies sell. The new case design also protects the lenses well and allows for secure carrying, giving you even extra space to add other useful stuff. Very nice selection of lenses types to complement your photography skills, and the shipping was very quick as well (less than 2 weeks). Highly recommendable. See pictures below for the wide-angle, fish-eye, macro, and 2x lenses I used to take them