This Mom Uses Her iPhone Camera to Transform Her Travels Into Art
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Dina Alfasi is an Israeli mother who works in a hospital as an architectural engineer. Whether on foot, by bus, train or plane, Alfasi is always ready with his iPhone to capture the most beautiful moments of life.

Now married to a 15-year-old son, Alfasi has always loved photography since filming with a Kodak camera as a child. When the iPhone and Instagram appeared, Alfasi fell in love with mobile photography.

"Today, I only photograph with iPhone, currently iPhone X," says Alfasi at PetaPixel. "The more I took pictures with an iPhone, the more I realized that with mobile photography, I could capture more authentic and meaningful images. Beyond that, the ease with which the iPhone was released [anywhere], at any time, made me decide to focus on photography with iPhone only. "

And with so much time spent traveling, Alfasi had a lot of time to perfect his skills by making artistic portraits of his work colleagues (as well as passers-by in the street). Here is a selection of his work:A girl sleeping on a train

A boy listening to music on a train
The little girl who peeked with her head tilted
great grandfather
Women on the train looking out
Put your hand next to the train window mirror
"There is something intimate and vulnerable about how a person exists in a public space," Alfasi told Cult of Mac. "My daily photographs illustrate something fundamentally familiar to every stranger, lost in their thoughts somewhere. Photographing people in buses and trains taught me a lot about the depths of human complexity. There is no end to the discovery of new facial expressions and new behaviors. "
The contemplative Sir
A girl smoking a cigarette
An old man in meditation
The old man reading the newspaper
Look out the window at the black man
I thought grandpa was taking pictures of the scenery outside the train with his mobile phone
The gentleman with his hand on the window
A family of three looks at the scenery outside the train

"What inspires me are the little moments that happen every day," the photographer told PetaPixel. "My work is about storytelling with just one photo and the proof that all you need is just to look around and find those magical moments.

Alfasi's work is attracting more and more attention from the international community. She was one of only 10 photographers recently selected by Apple as winners of the Shot on iPhone photo contest.

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