Recruit Internet Celebrity in the World

With the rapid development of enterprise globalization, Apexel is looking for global Internet celebrities, welcome you to join us!

  1. Proficient in using social media (Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram), this account has over10,000 followers.
  2. Apexel provides the product for free, and influencers provide ads via video.
  3. Apexel provides telescope, microscope, macro lens and related optical lens products
  4. To learn more, let's cooperate from here

Recruit Internet Celebrity in the WorldAPEXEL is always committed to finding new and exciting ways to enhance the mobile photography category and make inspiring photos and videos fun and easy to capture on mobile devices.

APEXEL's main products include lens, selfie stick, tripod, ring light and other photographic accessories, night vision, binoculars, monoculars, microscopes, rangefinders and other optical instruments.

From professional photographers to everyday photographers, these products attract a new generation of content grabbers.

Recruit Internet Celebrity in the World

Marketing Manager: Lynell

Operation Manager: Ava

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Phonegraphy Tech

Phonegraphy Tech

then how do you join Apexel, and I think this is very interesting, because I’m a mobile photography enthusiast

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