Know the difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens

Many people often ask a question, that is, what is the difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens? So today to tell you the difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens, let's take a look.

Telephoto refers to having a large optical zoom multiple, the larger the multiple, the more distant the subject can be photographed. A telephoto lens works like a telescope, changing the focal length by moving the lens inside the lens.

Simply speaking, telephoto lens is equivalent to adding a telescope to the camera, which brings things in the distance closer, so it is more convenient to use telephoto lens when shooting distant scenery or do not want to be disturbed.

The wide-angle lens is different from the telephoto lens in that it has a short focal length and a large Angle of view, which can capture a large area of scenery within a short shooting distance.

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For example, when a camera without a wide-angle lens takes a large group photo, it can only take pictures of all people at a very long distance, so that the portrait captured is relatively small. A camera with a wide-angle lens, on the other hand, can take a picture of all the people in a relatively close place, and the portrait will be larger than a camera without a wide-angle lens.

Difference between a wide Angle lens and a telephoto lens

Telephoto lens and wide Angle lens is the difference between the different principle, apply the characteristics of the images is different, the telephoto lens is taken zoomed by changing the focal length to and put away, is suitable for image intensification in the distance, and the wide Angle lens is on Angle is large, short focal length, suitable for nearby can complete many scenery together a picture of the picture.

The difference between a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens is mainly the difference in focal length, frame range and subject.

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1. different focal length

Wide-angle lens is a photographic lens with focal length below 40mm (17mm -- 35mm);

Telephoto lens is a photographic lens with a focal length of more than 60mm (60mm-400mm).

2. different shooting range

In the same place, a wide Angle lens has a much wider range of view than a standard lens, and this is the characteristic of a wide Angle lens, that is, its range of view can be wider than our eyes can reach;

A telephoto lens acts like a telescope, allowing us to take pictures of distant objects. But its range of view is far smaller than the naked eye (small viewpoint), convenient remote capture.

3. Different subjects

The wide-angle lens has a short focal length and a wide Angle of view, while the depth of field is very deep. It is suitable for taking photos of larger scenes, such as architecture and scenery.

Telephoto lenses have long focal length, small Angle of view, and large image on negative film. So you can get a much larger image than a standard lens at the same distance. Suitable for photographing distant subjects.

Because its depth of field range is smaller than the standard lens, so it can more effectively blur the background to highlight the focus of the subject, and the subject and the camera are generally far away from each other, the deformation in the perspective of the portrait is smaller, the portrait is more vivid, so people often call the telephoto lens portrait lens.

Taking photos is not only a hobby for some people, but also to record and convey their own ideas and opinions through the pictures taken. Therefore, when choosing a camera, we need to choose telephoto lens and wide-angle lens according to our own needs.



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