Best Camera and Lenses for Product Photography

Visual content plays an important role in today's digital world, its power in conveying messages through attractive visuals and easy-to-understand explanations can attract audiences’ attention effectively.

Even when your product has complex concepts that are difficult to understand such as blockchain products, you can use images, infographics, or blockchain videos to help your audiences understand your products easily.

A photo or other visual content can say a thousand words. With visuals, many messages can be conveyed and something abstract can be imagined in its form and existence.

If you use a photo object as a promotional medium, then the photo must have a high artistic value, with good shooting techniques. This can be achieved through high-tech cameras and lenses for the right product photos.

So, what lenses are usually used by professional photographers to make high-quality product images and sell them? Here are some best cameras and lenses for product photography:

1. Apexel HD 100mm Macro Lens

APEXEL Best Seller HD 100mm Macro Lens

This Apexel camera lens features a compact, excellent and lightweight design. The Apexel HD 100mm Macro lens can handle almost all types of photography, including studio and product photography. 

For example, you focus on the product area by using the concept of animation. You can use this type of lens to produce a high-quality animated video, you just need a green screen as a background to help you out in designing the animation. This can be a creative idea for advertising purposes, namely animated commercials.

Moreover, its fixed lens is high-quality with a smooth-quality blur. An aperture of 100mm will make the image background appear more blurry. Equipped with seven aperture blades, photo objects also become very sharp.

2. Apexel DSLR Pro 50mm Macro for Mobile Phone

Apexel DSLR Pro 50mm Macro for Mobile Phone

Did you know that the camera on your mobile phone can be used for professional photography products? of course, you can with the help of a 50mm Apexel macro lens which provides the quality of a pro DSLR.

So, you can produce sharp 4k quality images on your photos or video products, whether your products are small objects, big objects, or even indoor shoots. 

It is very suitable for those who focus on product and nature photography because the lens is sophisticated, practical, high-quality results, and simple to carry everywhere. You can get this sophisticated lens in shopapexel.

3. Apexel Mobile Super 60x Telephoto Lens

Apexel Mobile Super 60x Telephoto Lens

The next recommended camera lens product is Apexel, the mobile super 60x telephoto lens. This camera lens is specially designed for photographers who are engaged in long-distance shooting.

You can get an amazing view in your outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, traveling, scenery, etc. It’s a great way to capture the best moment of nature or your adventurous hobby outside. 

Interestingly, it can also be used for business purposes to shoot the best product photos with a high-quality natural view outside.

4. Apexel 8mm Fisheye Lens

Apexel 8mm Fisheye Lens

It is undeniable that Apexel product lenses are in great demand by smartphone users who like photography. 

However, most of the fans of this fisheye lens are vloggers or videography enthusiasts. It is because the wide effect that can show around makes it liked by many people. Even the Apexel 8mm fisheye lens is popular among content creators.

One of the most popular Apexel lenses for product photos is Apexel 8mm fisheye lens. It’s known for its simplicity, quality, and sharpness. Though of course, it all depends on the smartphone camera you are using and can be a bit of a hit-and-miss. 

5. Apexel 4K 16mm Wide Angle Lens With CPL & Lens Hood

Apexel 4K 16mm Wide Angle Lens With CPL & Lens Hood

The following product photography lens is a wide-angle phone camera lens with 4K 16mm that allows you to get a broader scenery or groups of people in the images or videos. 

In addition, this lens also incorporates an ultra-thin CPL filter lens which is perfect for those involved in landscape and urban architecture photography.

The cinematic quality optics allows you to take amazing vlogs, cinematic pictures, or clear product photos outdoors to give the best results and perfect lighting.

6. Apexel Mobile 200x LED Microscope Lens

APEXEL New Mobile 200X LED Microscope Lens

For those who like to shoot tiny things or explore any microworld, the Apexel mobile 200x LED Microscope lens is the right choice. Pounds 200x microscope can take you into a spectacular discovery of the invisible micro-world around you. 

You can capture extremely tiny creatures around you like detailed plants, insects, etc. Then, share these moments in the form of images or videos through the internet, this will amaze many people, and your amazing photos or videos will most likely have a chance to go viral.

It can also be used to shoot product photos, especially for those of you who have tiny products and want to showcase their details. Mostly like jewelry, plants, etc.


When deciding the best camera and lens for product photography is not an easy thing, it would be best to consider the type of picture or video you want to take before making a purchase. The reason is that every camera and lens has its benefits and uses.

So make sure you list the cameras and lenses mentioned above to make it easier for you to choose the right one and meet your business needs as product photography.


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