How to Choose the Right Smartphone Zoom Lens?

Many photography lovers have always been enthusiastic about the lens. For many beginners who want to be eager in the field of photography, they will first think of using mobile phone cameras to explore slowly.

However, the camera lens on the mobile phone is generally a prime lens which limits the function that the lens focal length can be changed according to the photographer’s wishes. That’s one of the reasons why smartphone zoom lenses appear.

This article will guide you on how to choose the right smartphone zoom lens. However, before proceeding further, we will discuss zoom-lens and what to look for when choose a smartphone zoom lens.

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Overview of zoom lens

With zoom lens, you can change the focal length within a certain range, so as to get different wide and narrow field of view, different sizes of images and different range of camera lens. Smartphone zoom lens is the zoom lens installed in front of the camera of smartphone to achieve the effect a zoom lens processes.

It can change the shooting range by changing the focal length without changing the shooting distance and also play the role of several prime lenses, so it is very conducive to the picture composition for photographers. Zoom lens not only reduces the number of carrying photographic equipment, but also saves the time to change the lens. 

Features of Zoom lenses

Focal length. With focal lengths, you can increase the zoom range and capture faraway pictures that are impossible for your smartphone without a zoom lens. Their minimum range is 10-25 mm, and a maximum of 75-300 mm. Moreover, focal length can also affect depth-of-field in an image. For example, our APL-20-40XJJ04 can zoom from 20 to 40 times making the scene wider.  

Aperture. Mobile phone zoom lens comes with variable and fixed apertures that allow the amount of light, less or more, to the camera’s image sensor.  

Size. Smartphone zoom lens is usually small and can be put into any backpack, handbag and pocket with the mobile phone.

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What to decide for when choosing a smartphone zoom lens?

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and would want to take faraway shots with exact results. So, the mobile phone zoom lens is widely used worldwide to get rid of blurry pictures. Moreover, their autofocus system and low prices make them more recommendable to everyone. When you decide to get a smartphone zoom lens, do follow the below tips.

Decide the range of focal length. At first, you have to decide what range of focal length you want. Most portrait photographers prefer shots with wide angles. So, if you’re going to shoot with wide-angles, then zoom lens with a range of 35-200 mm is perfect for a smartphone.

However, focal length with a 20 to 40 mm range is enough for landscape photographers who want to take shots during hiking or other activities.

Decide the aperture. Before buying a mobile phone zoom lens or for a smartphone, you have to decide its aperture. There are two options, a fast lens and a slow lens. But if you expect to take pictures in low light conditions and with blurry backgrounds, then a fast lens would be the best choice. On the other hand, slow lenses are cheap, but unable to perform well in low-light situations. 

Check the accessories. Ensure to purchase a smartphone zoom lens with a phone tripod because you can adjust it according to the phone’s thickness. 

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Choose APEXEL Zoom Telescope Lens

APEXEL zoom telescope lens meets the above criteria your needs and comes with a high-quality zoom lens, mini tripod, remote shutter, and much more. Our model of APL-20-40XJJ04 is beginner friendly with an easy operation procedure and compatible with all smart phones, such as IPhone, Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, etc.

They also come with unique design, high performance, and advanced aluminum alloy shell. Crafted with premium optical glass, APEXEL smartphone zoom lenses are duable and allow you to zoom in the distance of 8000m, so that your mobile phone can take close and long-distance photos without affecting the image quality.

Bring APEXEL zoom telescope lenses for your photography of camping, sports events, moon watching, concert and travel and they won’t let you dowm.

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