Top Essential Accessories for Mobile Photography

Top Essential Accessories for Mobile Photography


While no longer new, Mobile photography is a hobby that is beginning to pique many people’s interest. With the continued developments in mobile phone cameras, we can all achieve outstanding photographic results. 

Because almost everyone has a smartphone today, mobile photography is the easiest photography style for new photographers to jump into. Like any genre, mobile photography goes beyond the phones but includes the choice of different accessories.

This article will look at some of the best mobile photography equipment you can combine with your phone camera to make it a true photography powerhouse. Let`s take a look!

Essential Mobile Photography Accessories

Even with the top smartphone, you are not guaranteed the best photos. With these essential accessories, you can remove some of the limitations, ensuring that you take even better photos.

Mobile Lenses

Mobile Lenses

It’s cool to switch lenses and filters on traditional DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, but it will surprise you to know that you can do this for smartphones too. 

The only downside with smartphone lenses is that you can only get a fixed zoom. However, with add-on lenses you can go beyond your standard point and shoot to get fisheye effects, zoom capabilities, super-wide perspectives, or macro shots. With mobile lens kits, you get an interchangeable lens system that lets you swap lenses with ease.

The trick is to choose the kind of snap-on or clip-on lenses that work with your phone and for the kind of photography you want to do. Some of the lens available in our collection includes:

Fisheye Lens

Fisheye lens is a type of external smartphone lens with the widest angle-of-view that is possible. Such a wide-angle allows you to capture as much space as you can. If there is a wide angle-of-view, the resulting photos will create a bulging effect. A fisheye lens is basically an ultra-wide-angle lens. This is one of the best lenses used in abstract photography. It allows you to get a more panoramic view anywhere from 100-180 degrees that other types of mobile photography lenses can’t provide.

Our 195° Fisheye Lens for smartphones is compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids, and lets you get around distorted pictures with artistic effects. With it, you can create a super-wide viewing angle and high-quality 4D resolution. 

Macro Lens

A macro lens is best created for short distance photography. You can use it to take detailed photos of small objects, and it lets you focus on objects at a much shorter range compared to other lenses. 

A macro lens acts like a minor magnifier, in which the items you take pictures of appearing larger compared to images in real life. If you are a beginner mobile photographer who would like to take to macro photography using a smartphone, our HD 100mm Super Macro Lens can get you started. The 10x macro lens can shoot any tiny subject and achieve a zoom or closeup shot.

Telephoto Lens

Even though smartphone cameras have the ability to zoom on objects, those zoomed images typically lose details. Such images lack sharpness, and when they are printed on paper, they look pixelated.

When you see wild animals far away that you would like to capture vividly, using digital zooming doesn’t provide much help. So by adding a telephoto lens that helps in optical zooming, a photographer can capture objects that are far away to make them look closer without losing the details up to a fixed range. Apexel solution has gone beyond the standard telephoto lens. The 60X Monocular Telescope Lens for Smartphone can perform zooming up to 60 times for HD image with no distortion or loss in picture quality.

Wide-angle Lens

Just as the name suggests, a wide-angle lens offers a wider field of view and enables you to capture images in a proportion similar to that of the human eye. The focal length for these types of lenses varies between 24mm - 35mm. The field of view grows wider with a lower number.

When it comes to smartphones, the wide-angle lens is the most prevalent, and it works well for capturing interiors, architectures, and landscapes. Our 110° HD Wide Angle Lens makes it easy to frame more into your picture and makes it best for capturing amazing scenic pictures of cramped interiors or expansive scenery. 

Other lens kits may include filters like radial, starburst, flow, polarized, and more effects. When purchasing lenses, be sure they can work on your front-facing or selfie camera and ensure these lenses can work with a case on your phone.


When getting into mobile photography, among the first accessories you should get a tripod stand. The cheapest and easiest to use are tabletop tripods with fixed legs or octopus tripods with foldable and adjustable legs wrapped around objects. Tripod stands allow you to take completely steady shots without having to worry about blurry images.

Camera Rig

Serious content creators who want to have a setup as close to a DSLR camera substitute as possible have mobile phone camera rigs. With this contraption, you can easily mount your smartphone, microphones, lights, and whatever other accessories it provides space for. A camera rig is especially convenient for photographers who want to showcase exceptional skills and make quality video shots.


With plenty of photos being shot, it helps to have a backup memory to boost your phone storage. Your phone’s internal memory may not be sufficient to hold all you want to do, so don’t be held back by it. With a mobile storage solution like an SD memory card, you don’t have to worry about running out of space.


Mobile photography has firmly established itself as the visual vanguard of the 21st century, and it is here to stay. 

While many smartphone users today rely primarily on their main camera, those who want to create a perfect substitute for traditional cameras realize the importance of adding mobile photography accessories to the bag. These accessories boost experience with well-shot and high-quality image production. 

Gone are the days when you needed to invest tons of money in photography equipment to take amazing pictures. With our add-on, like Apexel mobile lens kit, you can become a master photographer today.

Are you ready to take your mobile photography to another level? Check here to discover new solutions!

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