PhoneMicro 5 3 in 1 Smartphone Microscope

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Experience the Apexel 3 in 1 Smartphone Microscope series. With a quick-attach system, and a lightweight design.

Engineered for compatibility with a wide range of smartphones, it boasts enhanced glass composition, providing 25% more clarity and edge-to-edge sharpness on the latest iPhone and Android devices. Its multi-element design is tailored for modern smartphone microscoped apertures, delivering superior performance with precision-polished lenses for ultra-low dispersion.

Ready to dive into some tiny but mighty fun? Turn your phone into a powerful microscope with 3 in 1 Smartphone Microscope: a tiny phone lens which can observe at ~ 200x magnification. Take microscopic photos that will blow your friends' minds!


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What Makes it Great

All of our award winning mobile lenses pack the features you need, not the ones you don’t. Made for curious creatives, the PhoneMicro 5 is your go-to for capturing the world in new perspectives.

Supports smartphone digital zoom. It can observe at a magnification of 200 times, and then continue to enlarge details through the zoom function of the mobile phone camera.

PhoneMicro5 has undergone rigorous optical inspection performance testing and is exceptionally clear. Comparing it to a benchtop microscope shows no significant difference.

The lighting system consists of 12 high-brightness LED lights, providing 12 different lighting modes.

Easy to install and portable Weighing only 17 grams! PhotoMicro5 is designed for easy setup and hassle-free transportation.

No APP is required! Easily shoot and share without downloading any APP. After the microscope is installed and focused, the smartphone focuses automatically.

PhoneMicro 5 Smartphone Microscope APEXEL

Smartphone compatibility Leap clip stretch range: 71-105mm, a wide range suitable for iOS and Android all phones.

How to Use

Align, turn, and voilà - you're set to shoot.
Pair it effortlessly with our Apexel universal mount F001X for a fluid Microscopic journey.

Shot on PhoneMicro 5 Smartphone microscope

Use 100X, 150X, 200X to shoot plants, insects, jewelry, specimens, etc

What is PhoneMicro 5 Compatible With?

After rigorous testing, we’ve expanded the PhoneMicro 5 Series to work with every new iPhone, Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung phone. View all Apexel microscopes?

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