New 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Clip and 100mm Macro Lens Kit with Fill Light

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New 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Clip and 100mm Macro Lens Kit with Fill Light APEXEL
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Born from user whispers, the Apexel 3-in-1 Phone Lens Clip & 100mm Macro Lens Kit seamlessly unites innovation and aspiration. Discover the subtle elegance of a clip designed from feedback – a fusion of light, lens, and grip.

Paired with our acclaimed 100mm macro lens, it unveils a world unseen. Dive into the intricate tapestry of nature and art, capturing moments that breathe life into pixels. This kit embodies evolution, echoing your creative desires. Illuminate your vision, magnify your stories – Experience Photography Anew with Apexel.

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Apexel 3-in-1 Phone Lens Clip & 100mm Macro Lens Kit

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100mm Macro Lens Kit Highlights:

【Buy One, Get Four】Elevate your photography with the integrated100mm macro lens, fill light, lens clip, and phone holder. A multifunctional design that breaks the mold of traditional lens clips, all designed to seamlessly enhance your photography journey.Already have a macro lens and just want to buy a separate phone clip with fill light?
The 100mm macro lens consists of 5 sets of 4 high-precision optical lenses and multi-layer optical coatings 【Pro-Grade Macro Exploration】Enter a realm of microscopic wonder with the 100mm Macro Lens. Crafted from five premium glass elements with 3-5 layers of coatings, enjoy distortion-free, vignette-free, and distortion-free 10X magnification. Precision-engineered with CNC optics for uncompromised excellence.
【Professional Lighting Made Easy】High-brightness, eye-friendly fill light with adjustable 2700-6500K color temperature and brightness settings (warm, cool, natural). 40 high CRI LED beads, 2W power, 250lux at 0.5m, CRI 95+. 360-degree halo effect for even coverage in low light settings.

Universal 17mm screw lens-macro/fisheye/wide-angle/movie/portrait lens, etc.

Universal 37mm threaded lens or filter - polarizer/starlight filter/ND filter/gradient filter, etc.


Expanded Creative PossibilitiesEquipped with versatile interfaces including 1/4-inch threaded port, M17+M37 dual threaded ports, and cold shoe mount. Unlock new horizons with various lens attachments, tripods, and lighting equipment.

At the same time, this product also has strong compatibility and can be compatible with almost all smart phones on the market. Wondering if this enhanced bundle is compatible with your phone? Can be found via our Compatibility Guide .

 100mm Macro Lens Kit Specification :

 Product Model APL-FL23 Hold Mobile Phone Width 50-90mm
Expansion Interface

M17+M37 threaded port / 1/4 threaded port / cold shoe port

Number of lamp beads 40 (white light 20 + yellow light 20)
Power 2W Color Temperature 2700~6500K (white/natural/warm light)
Dimming Brightness 3 levels Color Rendering Index ≥95+
Illumination 250 LUX/0.5m Charging Interface Type-C  5V/1A
Lithium Battery 3.7V/350mAh Size 95*61*31mm



95g Product List 100 micro lens*1,,LED light*1, USB type-c charging cable*1, waterproof bag*1, EVA pads (2/3/4mm), packing box, manual*1

Dimensions of 100mm macro lens and FL23 fill light phone holder

Customer Reviews

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Markus Faigle
Great Macro Lens Kit with Handy Fill Light

I got the APEXEL 100mm Macro Lens Kit with Fill Light Clip, and I'm pretty impressed. The fill light really adds a nice touch, making close-up shots super detailed and vibrant. However, the instructions were a bit lacking, so it took me some time to figure out how to set everything up. Once I got the hang of it, though, it worked like a charm! Definitely recommend for anyone into macro photography.

J. Augustine
Handy to have around when taking product photos....

I take a lot of photos with my phone so I have been trying to pick up a few accessories to improve the quality of my images and ease in taking them. This product caught my eye because it contains both a fill light and a macro lens that could be simply attached to my phone. The items arrived nicely packaged in a box containing the fill light, macro lens, case, a USB-C (it's USB-A on the other end) charge cord, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and some foam strips with adhesive backing. There is no charge block included. So far I have tried both pieces on a Samsung S10E and a Samsung S23 Ultra and they were compatible with both. I did notice there is a small amount of vignetting in the corners that is made more noticeable by not removing the phone case before using. Both the fill light and macro lens were easy to figure out and operate. And they both did a fairly good job. The light is quite bright, holds a charge for awhile when not in use, and charges fairly quickly with its own cord and a fast charging block. The lens has some heft to it and comes with a cap for each end. It screws into the fill light frame quite easily and solidly. I've mostly used the lens to take photos of items like beads in my handmade jewelry. The case is surprisingly good quality and has space enough to fit everything except for the instruction booklet. The vignetting thing is the one and only issue I've had and my photo software's cropping tool took care of that for me. Overall I'd say that the product is great for amateurs such as myself who would like to improve their phone's capabilities and/or image quality....

Amazing Detail with Fill Light!

Wow, this macro lens kit is fantastic! The APEXEL 100mm Macro Lens Kit with Fill Light Clip has totally transformed my close-up photography. The fill light is a game-changer, adding perfect illumination for detailed shots. I used it with my iPhone 13 Pro, and the results were stunning. Just make sure to take off your phone cover for a better fit. Highly recommend this for anyone who loves capturing the tiny details in life!

LOVE this!

Absolutely love this! I am a photographer and not just any photographer yet a macro photographer. When I found this I was so excited because this lens will help me take pictures of things that I have been wanting to but can’t because I haven’t had the right type of lens. It’s also nice that it’s for a phone because I always have that with me so this comes with me too. This way I am not carrying my other camera with me. Would suggest this to anyone who wants to take amazing pictures or is a photographer already.

Robert Kiss
100mm macro lens with lighting.

I really like the kit. I used it with the 36x tele lens and the 20-40x lens also. Among the images you will see the setup for the very close Apexel cleaning cloth. The very close picture of the ladybug was taken with the same setup.