FL25 Streamer LED Desk Lamp

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Oleg M
Great addition to my computer desk

I am very pleased with my APEXEL LED Lamp purchase. The lighting quality is fantastic, providing bright, adjustable illumination perfect for both work and video conferencing. The flexible arm and multiple brightness levels make it incredibly versatile and easy to position for any task. The sleek design and sturdy construction add to its overall appeal, ensuring it blends seamlessly with any workspace.

The assembly was straightforward and quick, taking just a few minutes as shown in the photos I’ve added to my review. Also, I used a couple of tie-downs to attach the control to the arm above the desk, for easy reaching (also shown on one of the photos).

This lamp offers great value for its price, and I highly recommend it to anyone needing a reliable and efficient lighting solution for their desk or workbench.

Matthew A.
Be warned: this only comes with one light.

All advertising for this item shows two lights, but this actually only comes with 1 light in the package. Very misleading advertising.

Michael Pease
Wonderful Product

This Lamp is an excellent product! APEXEL is the company that makes it as well as lens for cell phone cameras. APEXEL provides excellent customer service and has been extremely prompt with there answers and follow-up. I did a lot of research on their lens and for this LED lamp and each have been the best in their respective categories. The LED Lamp is extremely useful and can easily be positioned (moved) for lighting or work settings, it truly is a great value! I highly recommend this company, their products and customer service!

Neodymium Bean
No nonsense budget friendly video light that lacks a few luxuries.

It's a decently built light that works well that comes with a good articulating metal arm for the light. On a basic level this thing is great, and there's little to complain about. There's channels for you to hide the cable in for a more stealthier look, there's 360 articulation at the base of the unit, and the light is plenty bright with various color modes. The arm the light comes with is pretty tough to move around at first, but it loosened up over time.

If you dig into it, you can begin to see some issues that probably come from the price, and not that the product is bad. These issues are really only bothers and nothing that makes this product bad.

These issues are things like the articulating head where you mount the light does have a good degree of movement but the rotation movement is SUPER loose, mostly when compared to the other movements.

Another issue is there's a channel in the arm for the cord, but they give you plastic stamps that can either mount the cord inside the arm or the outside. Sadly there isn't covers provided that are flush mounted that could hide the cords completely in the arm and don't pop out the back.

The last annoyance is the lack of a remote. It all has to be controlled via the power cord on the light. While this is far from a game breaker, there are a lot of other competitor lights in the same price range that at least offers a remote.

It looks like from the size and design this light is inspired and suppose to compete with the El Gato Keylight and the Keylight Air, but at dramatically a lower price. This light works well and has really few drawbacks to it. It puts out a nice amount of light and works well.