Classic 20-40X Zoom Smartphone Telephoto Lens Kit


Style: 20X-40X Zoom With Tripod
Sale price$52.99


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fantastic but takes patience

I use this to take sports videos and it’s fantastic. Only problem is, with such a long lens every tiny nudge moves the picture a lot, so it takes a really steady hand to follow a ball. I started with the 36x telephoto, which is easier to focus but it zooms in TOO much. I prefer this for the flexibility of the zoom even if it means the corners are a little out of focus.

Invest in a real tripod though, the flimsy tripod that comes with the lens doesn’t do it justice.


APEXEL New Premium Mobile Adjustable Real 20-40X Zoom Telescope Lens

Souvik Banerjee
Good Optics, Difficult to use on Phone

This is in relation to order #2535. The 20-40X telephoto lens quality is very.good, but the attachment clip hampers the phone (Samsung S20 ultra) touch functionality and I am unable to take a photo with the lens. There is a Ulanzi S20ultra case (with 17mm thread), which would resolve my problem, but that is out of stock everywhere. If you could help me source this case it would be really helpful. Of course, I can make the necessary payments. Any other case for s20Ultra from any other brand also is OK provided it has the 17mm thread to fit the lens. Otherwise, I would like to request for a refund and I can send the lens back or if you could provide a 20% discount on my next buy (100mm macro Apexel), that would be really appreciated.

Hoping to hear back from you soon.

John Smith the Third
Okay lens

a very little of chromatic aberration but very good overall

Brad R

Seems like a high quality lens so far. The one improvement I would make to the overall product is to make a case that can hold each piece of the lens and tripod so that it is easier to transport, even if this was an alternative case that cost extra. Otherwise excellent value and I cannot wait to use it more.