195° Super Fisheye Lens

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195° Super Fisheye Lens APEXEL
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APEXEL 195° Fisheye Lens Video

APEXEL 195° Fisheye Lens Specifications

Product Name 195° Fisheye Lens
Brand APEXEL Optical Lenses Manufacturers and Suppliers
Product Dimensions 8.66 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches
Item Weight 1 pounds
Item model number HD5V2
Lens Type Macro, Telephoto, Wide Angle
Compatible Mountings ALL iPhone models Samsung Galaxy and Note Google Pixel Huawei and more
Camera Lens Description 12
Lens Design Fixed lens

APEXEL 195° Fisheye Lens Description

Put a fisheye in front of your phone and keep looking at the screen. You will find so many interesting shapes and compositions that you would normally completely miss. It just offers so much creativity. 

A fisheye can also be super useful in getting shots that would normally require lots of trouble and are sometimes nearly impossible to make with a normal extreme wide-angle lens.


Why use Fisheye Lens?



Distortion can be annoying. But it doesn’t have to be. Use fisheye distortion to your advantage. Find scenes in which the fisheye effect actually adds something to the scene. When used right, fisheye distortion can be pleasing to the eye and can be referred to a normal wide-angle lens. Try to use distorted lines and curves as a way to lead the viewer into an image.


‘Defishing’ is possible!

Sometimes fisheye lenses can be used as extreme wide angles. By putting the horizon in the middle the horizon line is generally almost straight. With certain tools, the curved lines can be straightened to get a super wide angle image.


Great for behind-the-scenes shots

Create a super wide view and fun angle.



A fisheye lens in the right hands can create some imagery that wouldn’t have been possible with normal lenses. Try to keep your fisheye lens on your camera for a longer period of time and point it everywhere. You will be amazed on how many interesting things you can see on the screen of your camera compared to what you see with your own eyes.






Q: Will this lens fit on my phone?

A: Yes! Our lenses are compatible with all iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids ... basically every smartphone in the market.


Q: Does the clip get loose after a while?

A: No it doesn't get loose, two screws make it so firm, and the soft rubber inside can protect your phone from scratches.


Q: Can I use this lens with a case on my phone?

A: You totally can! As long as the case has a big enough opening around the camera. If the opening is very small, it still may work, but maybe there are black shadows. Thicker cases may cause slight light leaks. So I suggest you'd better take off the case when you use the lens, that's worthwhile to get better photos.


Q: Does your lens work for front camera too?

A: Yes, it does, also works for video, facetime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
very good

exactly like a camera lens great quality

Monica Eames
Fun and Unique Lens

I got it for my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it works like a charm. The 195° fisheye effect is better than I expected, capturing wide-angle shots with a touch of creativity. Perfect for capturing silly and creative moments with friends or creating unique content for social media. Definitely worth the purchase!

Caden Scrivner
Awesome Fisheye Lens!

I recently got the APEXEL 195° Fisheye Lens, and it's absolutely awesome! The fisheye effect adds a unique touch to my photos and videos, especially for action shots. The quality is top-notch, and I love how it captures a wide angle without compromising clarity.

Annabel Borley
Fun to use!!

exactly like a camera lens great quality

Takes great photos!

It’s a fun lens to play around with and the pics are cool, quality isn’t crazy but it works