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Nigel Heffernan (Wanstead, GB)
The 40 - 70 mm shooting distance is a major advantage

This is an excellent lens for small-scale wildlife photography: the 40 - 70mm shooting distance of the lens (published focal length 100mm) allows you to take pictures of live insects: this is not possible with the shorter shooting distance of almost all other clip-on macro lenses.

I use mine for identifying and recording wild bees: this is a niche application, because bees are very aware of their surroundings, and of intrusive photographers, and there is no comparable product for a mobile phone that allows you to photograph them before they fly out of shot.

It is also an application that rewards an amateur who travels light - without a bulky SLR and carry-case - and can take a phone out of his or her pocket and take opportunistic snapshots on the go

All of the attached images were taken using the Apexel 100mm HD Phone Camera Super Macro Lens, and a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact. They have been cropped down from 2500x200 to about 900x900 so that the detail is immediately visible; no other processing has been applied.

For Sony Xperia phones - or almost any phone where the camera lens is in the centre of the casing, rather than at the corner - you will need to purchase the Apexel 12-24 lens kit, as the attachment clip is longer than the one supplied with their HD 100mm item.

I would also recommend buying one of the belt clip hard-cases available for people who carry an asthma inhaler, to carry this lens and a small puffer brush; you should also invest in a spare lens cap and a good-quality lens cloth, as macro lenses are very sensitive to dirt and grease.

It would be interesting to see if Apexel bring out a similar product with a higher magnification: the short focal length of all the existing 20, 24 and 30x clip-on macro lenses on the market makes them unusable for photographing live insects.

Thurdsak Sinthana (Bangkok, TH)
I like it. Hood quality for now

This lens is good quality foe all mobile phone. I use with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It help me to take macro photo smooth.
Love it.

Ben Leonheart (Lakeland, US)
Excellent... but.

I think the product lasts at most, 6 months. then, even after taking care of it always (not touching the lens, putting it in the protective silicone case always) it still gets scratched and very, very blurred image...

This is my 2nd purchase now (i purchased one from amazon and returned it, then purchased a new one) and ... this still happens :(
Yes, ,I still have both amazon order numbers, both bought and shipped from "apexel" in amazon.

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