Top 6 mobile photography tips to bookmark

As the function of taking pictures with mobile phone becomes more and more powerful, many people begin to pay attention to taking pictures with mobile phone. A good mobile camera player, no matter what mobile phone can shoot good works. Mastering certain shooting skills can completely use the mobile phone to take out of the ordinary pictures, so that your mobile phone to create a more artistic sense of the picture. Here are six mobile phone photography tips worth collecting.

6 Mobile Phone photography Tips

1. Learn to leave white space

Many beginners unconsciously try to capture more content. As a result, the photos are cluttered, without an appealing visual center, and the subject is not particularly expressive.


So be sure to simplify your photos. Before you press the shutter, decide what your message is, the subject of the picture. Then, as you compose the picture, see if there are any elements that are not relevant to the theme. If so, adjust the camera position, Angle, or focal length of the lens to avoid getting in.

This simple way of composition is also called "white space", that is to say, in addition to the main body and accompanying body, other parts of the picture are "empty". Without the interference of superfluous elements, the theme of the picture is naturally prominent.

2. Blur the background

Background blur plays a very important role in photography. On the one hand, it "melts" the messy background environment and makes the picture cleaner. On the other hand, a blurred background can make the subject stand out. For example, in portrait photography, the charming focal spot makes the picture beautiful beyond comparison.


3. Keep it steady

As anyone who likes to take pictures with a mobile phone will be keenly aware, camera phones are only so big and weigh less than half as much as traditional cameras, and even good light can be ugly if you have a shaky hand. In particular, CMOS camera is more sensitive, a little vibration will directly affect the imaging effect.

4. Symmetry and centering

Many subjects, especially some buildings, are more suitable for this form of expression. The camera position is key. You need to be centered first, but the Angle of the phone is also important. This kind of film must be shot very good, even a little deviation will affect the final effect.

5. Visual guidance

In mobile phone photography, we should be good at using various lines and frames to guide the viewer's vision to the subject. The composition guided by line is generally convergent line, while the composition guided by frame is generally frame.

Natural scenery

6. Pick the right Angle

Shoot at the right Angle to avoid reflections and halos. When shooting the objects in the glass window, try to shoot at an Angle of 45 degrees, which can effectively avoid the reflection of the glass; You can also avoid the glow by raising the Angle or changing the position when shooting against light. In the shooting process, the user must try to take a few photos, easy to screen out the best photo.

Although art comes from life, it is higher than life after all. Not every scene and time can form a wonderful image. Photography is a choice, a photographer's choice of all factors, which time to choose, which scene to choose and so on. The above content is today to introduce the mobile phone photography skills, you can use the mobile phone when taking pictures. If you want to get a good picture, you have to pay enough patience to wait for the best picture.


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