Top 5 Mobile Streaming Tips to Grow Your Online Business

Top 5 Mobile Streaming Tips to Grow Your Online Business


Are you a large enterprise, a small company, or an influencer? It matters not, as you are probably thinking about boosting your revenue with online live videos. 

Live streaming video is growing at a dizzying pace, and your web marketing strategies will not be able to ignore it forever. Do you need to get professional equipment and invest a lot of money? Well, it's up to you… but more and more successful businesses and KOLs rely on "What to Know About Mobile Filmmaking & Streaming"

If you do not want to fall behind, we have collected some tips for your business development. Let's jump right in!

Set Up Your Goals

The mobile streaming trend is going crazy these days. The booming of this new marketing tool has different reasons. One factor could be that COVID-19 forced us at home for a long time. Spending 15 hours with your partner or parents can be challenging. You know what we mean…

So people check on social media for some entertainment. Reading can be a choice. However, we are in 2021, and people are in a big rush. Watching live streaming videos is by far the easiest way to learn, relax, and be entertained. 

On the other hand, a more subtle reason for live stream success is making our society appearing more "human." Let me elaborate.

Companies and people have started to oversell themselves using redundant expressions. "Leading company," "Top Quality," "Unique Products," most of the companies use the same language. Consumers have started to demand empathy. Through KOL and short videos, the audience can get what they want. 

Where to start then? Do some research:

  • Marketing Objectives
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Target market & audience

By planning ahead, you will reduce the risk of wasting resourcing and time.  

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Choose The Right Channel

Mobile streaming is a means of communication that has the great advantage of engaging viewers. It allows consumers to participate actively and businesses to connect with the public in real-time.

From Tiktok to Youtube, the choice of the live streaming video platform could overwhelm you. Do not worry! Stay confident in your strategy and goals. Ask yourself these two simple questions: 

  • Who are your buyer personas
  • Where you can reach your customers

Here are some of the most prominent live-streaming platforms:

Facebook Live

It's a great place to start because it's one of the most followed live streaming platforms on social media. You don't have to worry about building your audience because it's already there. You have to experiment and select a specific audience to show your live videos.


Automatically record live streaming content and create a library that is always available for your audience. It allows you to embed your stream on the blog or wherever it suits your content strategy.


It is a live streaming platform that is having amazing success. Born as a channel dedicated to streaming gaming, it was then bought by Amazon and is opening the doors to create content such as talk shows, music, and art.


From China, this platform conquered the world. Tiktok allows users to create stunning short videos online. The app supports mobile live streams and helps to connect people worldwide, sharing content about any topic.

Create a Content Strategy

Write down your content strategy. You read that right! I wrote, "write your live streaming videos script." Videos indeed allow you to indulge in improvisation. That said, organizing and writing a strategic plan is vital for your success.

You do not need to have a lineup such as the BBC, but take note of the main points you want to cover. Example: 

  • What topic will you cover?
  • How will you make your video interesting?
  • What is the message?
  • What should your viewers do after watching the video?

Finally, the background is another important element. Mobile streaming has given us the freedom to record from everywhere. Keep in mind that the environment should be instrumental in conveying your message. You can't go live from the company bathroom, okay?

Share on Social Media & Interact With Your Followers

The mobile live stream needs to be promoted with all means at our disposal. Spread the word; otherwise, you will be live only for yourself. That would be quite depressing...

If well crafted your content strategy will allow you to use the videos again and again. Online video stream is not just about you. Another important aspect that businesses often overlook is the interaction with the audience. 

The most amazing thing about mobile live streaming is the real-time communication with the viewers. Ignore them for too long, and they will ignore you. Have fun joining their conversation and answering their question. The icing on the cake would be the call to action. You got them involved and interacted with them, but now? Whatever your goal is, remind them, lure them into the buyers' journey.

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Choose the right equipment: Mobile Streaming Accessories

Let's not forget one of the most important parts. To bring your streaming to the next level, you need to have some basic equipment first. No, you do not need a professional studio to begin. You just need your smartphone, plus some add-on. These are some of the basic tools you are gonna be using for your business promotion:

  • Mobile lenses & filters
  • Tripods & grip rigs
  • Microphones
  • Portable lights
  • Speedify app
  • Portable power source

In these regards, at Apexel, we have you covered. Nowadays, mobile phones have great cameras. However, they have many limitations. For instance, have you tried recording subjects far in the distance? By zooming, you can turn a clear image into "The Scream" painting by Munch. You will lose resolution, while in other cases, you will go out of focus. Another drawback of mobile lenses is the reduced wide-angle and depth of field. This shortness will definitely mess up with your creative vision.

Talking about creativity, with Apexel Mobile Camera Lens Kit 11-in-1 ( Universal), we have thought about all streamer's needs. The lens kit includes a 0.63x wide-angle lens and 15x macro, 2x telephoto lens, 198° fisheye lens, kaleidoscope lens. If that were not enough, even for filters, we got you covered. The CPL filter, flow filter, radial filter, and star filter, together with the lenses, can help you achieve the professional and artistic result you dreamed of. The final cut will be a crisp and sharp image!

Once you start the live stream, keeping your mobile phone steady can be challenging. You don't want your audience to suffer from seasickness. The most practical solution for this problem is using tripods. With tripods, you don't have to worry about the camera shake constantly. 

What about if you are also on the move? You can use gimbals or selfie sticks. Or, if you want complete freedom, you can use camera grip rigs. Apexel camera rigs, besides solving the stability problem, allow you to have your own portable streaming studio. We have added a microphone to improve sound quality, isolating nasty environment noises. While audio is important, we have integrated lighting as well. 

If you frequently watch mobile live streams, you will probably have noticed that most of them are too dark. Shadows are a problem too that can distract the viewer from what message you want to convey. Lighting is one of the main factors that make the video being enjoyable. Before recording, use lighting supports and set up your smartphone accordingly.

Finally, the other two essential things are getting the Speedify app and power backup. The last thing you want is to run out of battery or cut the live stream because of a bad connection.



Live streaming video is undoubtedly a powerful tool and will be increasingly relevant in your web marketing strategies. Overall, it allows you to provide real-time, interactive, and engaging content.

Have you already incorporated live streaming video into your content marketing mix? How? Share your creativity.

At Apexel, we believe in making your visions translated into reality. Check out our new solution for Mobile Streaming.

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