The photographic charm of a telephoto lens

Telephoto lens is the lens that lets you see far away. Generally, more than 200mm lens is telephoto lens, and some special purpose telephoto lens can reach 800mm, 1200mm and so on. And everyday we can buy most of the 200mm or 300mm grade.

Originally invented as a solution to the photographer's inability to get close, telephoto lenses have since become an important part of cinematography due to their effect on space and field of view. Next let's learn this article, feel the charm of telephoto lens photography.

The photographic charm of a telephoto lens

1. Isolate the subject

If a photographer wants to take a good look in a bad environment, a great way to do it is to use a telephoto lens, the longer the better. Because a telephoto lens with a wide aperture provides a shallow depth of field.

As long as there is enough distance between the subject and the background, anything behind the subject will disappear into spots of light and color. Even if you're shooting in a garbage dump, no one will know, it's the brightness and color changes that matter.

Natural scenery

2. It has a sense of compression

Beginners must know the saying: "Wide-angle lenses have a sense of space, telephoto lenses have a sense of compression." The sense of space as the name implies is the relationship between the near big far small, so what is the sense of compression?

When two objects with a certain distance appear to be compressed in space, and the size difference between distant and near objects in the wide-angle lens is weakened, this is the so-called "compression" brought by telephoto lens.

Take advantage of compression to create unique images. The telephoto lens can greatly enhance the connection between the subject and the environment in the picture.

At the same time, telephoto lens has a small Angle of view, so it often requires photographers to think more about composition when using it, which is also a good exercise and improvement for photographers' technical level.

3. Zoom in on the subject

When shooting distant objects, using a telephoto lens allows the subject to zoom in, creating the sensation of zooming in. For example, shooting birds in the distance, the use of long focal length to let birds occupy the shooting picture, so as to achieve the effect of zoom in. Sometimes the picture content is too cluttered, use long focus close, let the picture concise, remove the picture content we don't want.

Natural scenery

Precautions for telephoto lenses

Telephoto lens has its unique advantages and charm, but in the use of the process to pay special attention to three points.

1, Shake: the slight shake of telephoto lens will be obvious, so the tripod should be used for shake. When using the tripod for ultra telephoto lens, attention should also be paid to turning on the reflector prelift and turning off the image stabilizer to avoid shaking.

2, Light control: the shutter speed of telephoto lens is high, so the aperture is not enough to ensure the light. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the ISO.

3, safety shutter: long focal length of telephoto lens, hand shot should pay attention to safety shutter.

The telephoto lens can show the details of the distant scene very well, and take pictures of some subjects that are not easy for us to access. Especially in wildlife photography, choosing the right telephoto lens can give us a lot of creative opportunities.

In the distance to shoot scenery, figures, in the stands to shoot the stage, sports games, etc., in the zoo to shoot animals, animals in the wild to shoot animals, and auxiliary mirror close shot, etc., in these many fields, telephoto lens can take good photos. Do you feel the charm of the telephoto lens?


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