2024 Total Solar Eclipse in the US: Your Guide for Better Observation

It's been 7 years since the last total solar eclipse. On April 7, we have a good chance to witness another one, which is said to last twice as long as in 2017. Moreover, the path of totality in 2024 will be twice as wide as the one in 2017 and covers some highly populated cities, allowing millions of people in the US to see it. For those who missed it last time, this is a great opportunity to catch up.

For a better experience, here's a guidebook for observation:

01 Check NASA's Post for Your Where & When

NASA's map of totality path

Image Credit:NASA

To find the best viewing place nearby, check NASA's post. They've mapped out the path of totality and listed the specific times when the solar eclipse will occur in every region along the path. With this information, you'll be able to plan your trip to the nearest viewing spot.

02 Remember Eye Protection and Order Now

Women view solar eclipse with solar viewers

Image Credit:Adam Smith / Unsplash

Don't look at the sun with your naked eyes. Except during the phase of totality, it's not safe to look directly at the sun without specialized eye protection. Regular glasses won't do – use safe solar viewers, which are thousands of times darker. Online shopping can be unreliable, with too many fakes. Check the American Astronomical Society page for trusted vendors. And in case they're sold out, don't wait – order your glasses now.

03 Bring a Telephoto Phone Lens for Close-Ups

People viewing solar eclipse in the US

Image Credit:Adam Smith / Unsplash

A total solar eclipse is one of nature's greatest spectacles, and everyone wants to snap a photo. While smartphones work well for most people, if you want big close-ups in clarity, a professional telephoto phone lens is highly recommended. APEXEL offers an impressive 60X zoom-in, known for its prominent zoom-in effect.

APEXEL Upgraded 60X Telephoto Phone Lens

Image Credit:APEXEL

60X Hyper Zoom: Magnify your phone’s vision up to 60X, revealing distant sun in rich details. Also perfect for moon photography, bird-watching, wildlife and concert.

Outstanding Image Quality: Lens is fully multi-coated. It achieves ultra-clear high optical performance right to the image edges, ensuring exceptional cinematic image quality.

Stable Professional-Grade Tripod: Engineered with aluminum alloy, it can hold up to 3kg with a weight of mere 600g, freeing your hands to record the full process of the sun being eclipsed by the moon.

Widely Compatible Phone Clip: Adapt to over 98% smart phones. Accommodate phone widths ranging from 66mm to 95mm, compatible with mobile phones from major brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus.

Overall, with this lens attached, your phone turns into a telescope, allowing you to capture incredible details of the distant sun, even from your yard.

Visit the New Upgrade Enhanced 60X Phone Telephoto Lens Kit page for more detail.

Of course, other magnifications of Telephoto Lenses are also excellent and can capture this eclipse.

Full sun captured by APEXEL Telephoto Lens

Shot by APEXEL Upgraded 60X Telephoto Phone Lens

As a matter of fact, 2017 is a year of memories for millions because of the solar eclipse. Besides being awe-inspiring, people had other reactions to this wonder. It was terrifying, feeling like the last day of the world during totality. It was thrilling, like an epic ghost house travel. It was romantic, the most unforgettable date for couples. Or it was just happy with the whole family getting together and celebrating. What will this solar eclipse be like? It will surely be breathtaking. But more importantly, you'll never know your personal unique answer until you experience it yourself.

Solar Eclipse

Image Credit:Mark Tegethoff / Unsplash

Just a reminder: There won't be another U.S. eclipse until 2045. If you miss 2024, it'll be a 20-year wait to catch up. After all, a solar eclipse is not an everyday event. Some people will go through their entire lives without witnessing one. So don't hesitate to attend. Leave school and work behind. There's nothing happening in school or the workplace in a single day that you'll remember in twenty years, but you'll NEVER forget cutting class or work to see the eclipse.

 "Black hole sun, won't you come."




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