Binoculars: Your Must-Have Essential for EURO 2024

24 Teams Joined 2024 UEFA EURO CUP European Championship Begins on June 14th

The 2024 European Championship is just around the corner, scheduled to start on June 14th and wrap up on July 14th. This year, 24 teams from across Europe will compete in this thrilling tournament(know more on UEFA PAGE). However, securing front-row seats in such a heated game is nearly impossible. Most fans will find themselves seated high up in the stands, far from the action, where players appear as tiny and indistinct figures. Moreover, television broadcasts often prioritize certain preferred players, and replays may not focus on the player you're trying to track. This can detract from the excitement and immersion of the live experience. Thankfully, there's a solution to enhance your game-day view: sports binoculars.

Sport fans sit far away from the field, can't see what's going on

Why You Need Sports Binoculars at EURO 2024

1- Sports binoculars bring size to you

In a big stadium, seats can be hundreds of meters from the field, making it feel like you're looking down from the sixth floor of a building. From such a distance, it's impossible to see uniform numbers, recognize players, and capture breathtaking moments like headers or shots.

However, with sports binoculars, the experience transforms entirely. The size and speed of the players become engaging. You can see their movements clearly, watch their body language, and even catch them talking. It feels almost identical to sitting in the front row, bringing the game much closer to you.

APEXEL binoculars help capture the moves of soccer players in sport events

2- Sports binoculars offer you a personal camera

Television broadcasts have a certain focus on players, often capturing those you may not be interested in. You can't always rely on replays to catch every crucial moment, especially when your favorite player doesn't get special attention from the cameras.

But with binoculars, you have a personal, high-powered lens to follow any player you want. You can capture even their smallest movements. For example, every time the game starts, players often respond to fans with subtle, shy gestures—a wink or a gentle wave. Those positioned just a few meters away get to truly appreciate it — but you can see it too with binoculars.

APEXEL auto focus binoculars easy for kids to use to capture the moves of soccer players in sport events

Key Features to Look for in Sports Binoculars

Magnification: Look for binoculars with a magnification between 7x and 10x to achieve a balance between detail and field of view. Higher magnification can result in a narrower field of view and more shaky images.

Field of View (FOV): Opt for binoculars with a wide FOV to capture more of the action. A FOV of around 105m at 1,000 meters is recommended. The Apexel 10X42A auto-focus binoculars, with 10x magnification and 101m at 1,000 meters, perfectly meet this standard. With an auto-focus feature, these binoculars require no manual adjustment, making them easy for kids to use. 

Size: Compact binoculars are easier to carry, but full-size binoculars offer a wider FOV and better image quality in low light. Mid-size binoculars, like the Apexel 12X50, strike a balance between weight and performance. These binoculars set a new benchmark for image quality, with up to 12X zoom-in capability. Additionally, they excel in bird-watching and wildlife observation. Equipped with a universal smartphone adapter, they can connect to your cellphone, allowing you to capture photos of your favorite players.

People cheering & singing in sport events in a soccer stadium

Recommended Binoculars for EURO 2024

Therefore, binoculars are a must-have essential for EURO 2024. They bring the game closer, enhancing the viewing experience with detailed clarity. With EURO 2024 approaching, it’s the perfect time to invest in a pair of binoculars. Special APEXEL binoculars offers and promotions will be available during the tournament, providing an ideal opportunity for fans to upgrade their match-day experience to something truly exhilarating and unforgettable.

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