Apexel Smartphone Adapter (APL-F002)

Recently, Apexel launched a universal smartphone adapter (APL-F002), it connects smartphone to any eyepiece from 23mm to 50mm in diameter including telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes. Easy switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Universal Smartphone Adapter for Binoculars/Monoculars/Microscope/Telescope7 advantages

  1. Proprietary design
  2. Fully compatible with all the latest smartphones
  3. One-piece structure that prevents loosening or disassembling
  4. Seconds to install. Precise focus alignment.
  5. Compact and portable with mechanical look
  6. Rubber pads help to protect your device
  7. Improved grip comfortableness

Innovative and Patented Design

Double-sided one-piece structure with spring-loaded clamp design allows for easy installation and adaptation of different sizes of eyepieces.Mechanical look design with full sense of technology.

Easy Installation

Easy to use. Quick installation/removal.

  1. Stretch the phone clamp open and place your phone into the clamp. Align the eyepiece with the main lens of the phone camera (reminder: for telescopes or binoculars with lens cover, open the cover first)
  2. open the eyepiece clamp to the appropriate size by pressing the left and right of the eyepiece clamp at the same time. Place the eyepiece into the clamp. Make adjustment if necessary to make sure the phone camera lens remains aligned with the eyepiece. You can zoom in on the phone if larger view is desired.

Welcome to visit our website to learn more and order soon to have a try.


Universal Smartphone Adapter for Binoculars/Monoculars/Microscope/Telescope

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