Our goal at APEXEL is to create products that you love. We spend countless hours designing, engineering, and testing the products we sell, but despite our best efforts, we know that nothing is perfect. If you have a warranty concern with your product please send us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can. 

Warranty Length

12 months (E.U. is the exception at 24 months) for all APEXEL made products.

What It Generally Covers

Defects in the original product assuming you are using the product in the manner it was designed. 

Garage Sale Items

Our return policy and warranty is still applicable for any APEXEL Garage items that are not marked as used.

What It Generally Does NOT Cover

You altering, modifying, or destroying the product taking actions that aren’t typical of mobile photography.

If you have bought from an outside retail vendor please provide proof of purchase to their customer support team.

All warranty claims for items that were purchased from www.ShopApexel.com must include a proof of purchase.