Dual Camera Lens Kit With Phone Case for iPhoneX / Xs / Xs Max

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« Model NO: IPX-MWFT06 or IPMX-MWFT06 » 

Dual Camera Lens Kit for iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max


Macro Lens

Allows You to Shoot Photos at A Distance of 0.39-1.18in From The Object, Captures Amazing Close-ups in Natural's Crisp Details.


Wide Angle Lens

Designed to Allow Your Phone Capture 2x Wider Pictures.


Fisheye Lens

Provides You Incredible and Dramatic Rounded Images, Which Takes You Into The Stunning and Fantastic World.


Telephoto Lens

Allowing You to Photograph a Subject That is Far Away or Magnifying The Subject in Your Frame.


Anti-Drop, Shockproof. Soft edge wrapped double protection.










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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Juan Diaz
Great little kit

Makes it easier to keep the lens on the camera than just having the little clip on. I swap to this case when I’m out in the woods for closeups. Lenses are great and easily swappable if desired.

Cristiano Mandelli

I received Dual Camera Lens Kit With Phone Case for iPhoneX very soon. The product is like the website, the cover is perfect for my iphoneX and the lens work very well. I am satisfied! Good Product

Evander Husin (evahu-85)
Dual Camera Lens Review

1) Really like the quality of the lens for the given price. The distortion in the wide angle is visible at short distance, so the lens seems more designed for taking wide angle of landscape that have quite longer distance from the camera.
Might need to improve on how the lens attached to the case. As I find out, often it is very easy to detached the lens from the case, like even I put in my pants pocket and just leave there and walking for a while, it get detached. Or I use to take photo here and there for a while, and get detached as well.

2) The case was helpful to travel with all the lens inside that I don't need to find new case for the lens. Considering if want, maybe have a smaller case design, more packed lens arrangement since it is preferable to have smaller stuff inside the pocket, and the current size was about a phone size. The locking mechanism inside the case is very easy to get opened. So often in my pants pockets it get opened by itself and all the lens scattered inside pockets.

It would be good if it improved of these but still maintaned same price, or slightly cheaper. I think major consideration I bought this lens because the price is within the budget and the quality of the photo is quite ok, and applicable for some aspect, but may be not as all rounder and practical in every situation as I use a dslr with its lens.

Great product

It is perfect for a filmmaking beginner who start with an iPhoneX.
Very easy to handle. The case fits perfect to the iPhone and the lenses are easy and fast to change. I highly recommend this product!

Efthymios Kokmotos
Work as expected

The item arrived fast enough. Everything work as expected! I loved the set!

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