Travel Guide for EURO 2024: Enhancing Your German Adventure with Apexel Products

The 2024 European Championship is fast approaching, scheduled to start on June 14th and wrap up on July 14th. This year, 24 teams from across Europe will compete in this thrilling tournament(know more on UEFA PAGE). Beyond football, Germany offers rich cultural experiences, delicious food, and historical landmarks worth exploring. Here's a comprehensive guide to ensure your trip is unforgettable.


Visas and Flights

schgen visa for non-EURO nationals to enter Germany for EURO 2024

For non-EU nationals planning to catch the action live, obtaining a Schengen visa is the first crucial step. This visa allows travelers to visit multiple countries within the Schengen Area(countries in the Schengen Area) for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. As the travel peak season approaches, the demand for German visas is increasing. So please plan ahead and apply as early as possible. Airlines such as Lufthansa offer direct routes to key cities hosting the matches, including Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt.


Local Transportation

take germany railway during euro 2024

Germany’s railway system is highly efficient, and for fans traveling between match cities, purchasing a BahnCard is advisable. The Fan BahnCard 25 offers a 25% discount on train fares, making it a cost-effective choice. It's worth mentioning that fans with EURO 2024 tickets can download the UEFA EURO 2024 APP and use the tournament's first-ever fan e-pass, FANPASS, starting from June 3rd. With this e-pass, fans can enjoy free public transportation within the host cities and surrounding areas on match days or get discounts on Deutsche Bahn train tickets.



Use airbnb to book rooms during EURO 2024

Choosing the right accommodation is crucial. During major events like EURO 2024, hotel prices can surge due to high demand, so booking early is wise. Alternatively, Airbnb offers a range of local experiences and accommodation types, from cozy apartments to entire homes. Staying close to the stadiums can save you significant travel time, especially after matches when public transport is crowded. Consider booking hotels or Airbnbs within walking distance of the stadiums to avoid the post-game rush.

Fans with a higher budget can choose to stay near local landmarks when not watching matches. In Munich, consider staying near the Olympic Village or the German Museum. In Berlin, hotels near the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag offer a mix of history and modernity. In Cologne, staying by the Rhine River allows for scenic walks along this major European waterway.

However, with millions of fans coming to Germany for EURO 2024, it's important to prioritize safety. Keep your personal documents and belongings secure at all times.


Food and Drink

Must drink & taste germany beers during EURO 2024

No trip to Germany is complete without enjoying German food and drinks. German beer is world-famous for its "pure taste," only made from malt, water, hops, and yeast, giving German beer its unique flavor and appeal. The main types of German beer include pilsner, schwarzbier (dark beer), weizenbier (wheat beer), kölsch, and bock. For instance, pilsner is crisp with a slight bitterness, while weizenbier has banana and clove notes, offering a rich flavor profile.

German cuisine is also known for its variety, rich flavors, and regional specialties. Fans can enjoy dishes like pork knuckles, sausages, stews, Black Forest ham, pretzels, and beetroot salad, which pair perfectly with the country's diverse beer selection.

Apexel offers cinematic-grade macro phone lenses that allow you to photograph the intricate textures of beer bubbles and ham with stunning detail and beautiful bokeh. With these lenses, your travels will be beautifully documented and unforgettable.



Take group photos in germany with apexel lens during EURO 2024

Berlin, the capital, is known for its rich history and culture. The Brandenburg Gate is iconic and a must-visit spot. Other attractions like Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral, and the East Side Gallery offer a deep dive into the city's past and present.

For those interested in ancient architecture, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is a must-see. It's a symbol of Germany, resembling a fairy tale castle and is one of the country's top tourist destinations.

Frankfurt, another city worth exploring, is a global business and financial hub. It's home to the European Central Bank and offers attractions like the Hauptwache Market, Frankfurt Cathedral, and art museums along the scenic Main River. The Apexel super wide-angle lens, featuring a 140-degree field of view, allows you to capture more of the scene, perfect for group photos with famous landmarks in the background. It also functions as a macro lens, ideal for close-up shots of flowers, food, and exquisite souvenirs.



Travel Guide  to Germany for EURO 2024

In addition to football, Germany offers a vast array of delicious dishes and a rich cultural history worth exploring. While enjoying the pinnacle of European football competitions, take the opportunity to visit local attractions, savor regional delicacies, and enjoy drinks in a German pub. During the EURO 2024 season, Apexel is offering up to 50% off on photography gear. Capture your journey with high-quality yet affordable photo equipment from Apexel. Equip yourself with Apexel products and embark on an exhilarating and memorable trip.

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