2024 Father's Day: Top Tutorials for Perfect Family Photos

As a company dedicated to optical product research and sales, APEXEL strives to provide users with high-quality photography experiences. With Father's Day 2024 fast approaching, we understand that every family hopes to capture some professional-level family photos to commemorate this special day. Therefore, we have prepared this "Father's Day Family Photography Tutorial" to provide you with some useful photography tips and creative ideas, helping you capture satisfying photos on Father's Day.


photography tutorials take family photos father's day

 Before Father's Day

1-Make a plan of location & dressing code: Find a good location that has a pleasing, but not too destracting background. Somewhere like e neutral coloured wall, or a field or wooded area is ideal. Also remind family members to wear solid colors and to bring spare clothes if the photo session includes kids and babies.

2-Get a list of poses: Have a list of poses you’d like to try and get, or just how you are going to shepherd everyone together, so that you don’t have to think about that as well as everything else on the day.

3-Golden hour photography: If possible, take advantage of the golden hour—just before sunrise or sunset—to capture warm, soft lighting that adds a magical touch to your photos.

4-Set up a fun relaxed atmosphere: Decorate with props related to Father's Day, such as hats, ties, or barbecue utensils, to add personality and fun to your photos. With kids involved, some funny-sounding toys or ballons is a must. Natural looking photographs demand relaxed family.


photography tutorials take family photos father's day

On Father's Day

5-Capture Close-Up Details: Instead of portrait, use APEXEL macro lens to capture intricate details of Father's Day gifts is a creative way to record the moments, such as handwritten notes, engraved watches, or intricate craftsmanship on tools.

6-Preapre a wide-angle lens: When capturing a group portrait of a large family, a wide-angle lens is indispensable. Apexel offers high-quality wide-angle lenses specifically designed for group photos, ensuring every family member is included in the frame with clarity and precision.

7-Experiment with Perspectives: Get creative with different angles and perspectives to add visual interest to your wide-angle shots, whether it's shooting from a low angle for a unique perspective or incorporating leading lines to draw the viewer's eye.

photography tutorials take family photos father's day

8-Focus on candid moments: Sometimes, it's best to let loose and allow family members to play freely. Utilize the APEXEL 20-40x telephoto phone lens to discreetly capture candid moments from a distance. This lens enables you to preserve genuine emotions, ensuring authentic and heartfelt memories are beautifully captured.

9-Capture emotions: Pay attention to those subtle expressions and interactions between family members during Father's Day celebrations, focusing on the bond and love shared between them.

10-Action Shots: Capture action shots of family members engaged in activities like hiking, biking, or playing sports, freezing moments of movement and energy.

11-Pet Inclusion: Don't forget to include furry family members in your photos, capturing their adorable antics and adding an extra layer of warmth to your family portraits.


That wraps up all the instructions APEXEL has for Father's Day photography tutorials. We hope these tips help you capture satisfying photos on Father's Day. On this special day, let's use our lenses to capture the beauty of family moments and wish all fathers a happy Father's Day!

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